Creativity, Fun and Love with The People's Truck

October 18, 2013

Come to us with any idea, no matter how crazy you think it is.  We’d love to share it on The People’s Truck!

Here are some great ideas:

  • In previous years such things as the following have been sign written on The People’s Truck:
  • Individual, family and business names.
  • Logos, or logos with websites/phone numbers.
  • Coded messages between friends, e.g. Colezy & KH BBFs 4 Eva
  • Wedding Anniversaries,e.g.  Barry & Judy Married 14.10.00
  • Messages to favourite teachers, e.g. Dr Rosie Wade – you rock!
  • Nicknames, e.g. Hannah Bananah
  • We’ve even had a marriage proposal sign written on the truck! (In the above picture the marriage proposal is hidden under the “?”. Marty Haynes from i98FM got involved and asked the lucky lady to remove the ? sticker and underneath was “Catherine will you marry me? Troy x”

How good is your imagination?  The possibilities are endless!

Click the donation link to make your donation and add your name or idea to The People’s Truck.

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