What is the i98FM Illawarra Convoy?

  • ‘Convoy’ is a one day event held in the Illawarra each year, on the third weekend in November.
  • ‘Convoy’ began in 2005 after Marty Haynes, i98FM’s radio breakfast show host, began the concept while working in Canberra, after the sad passing of one of his young listeners. Then, it was known as the Convoy and Carnival for Cancer Kids.
  • When Marty began work for the WIN Radio organisation in the Illawarra he brought the idea with him.
  • In 2016 Convoy had a name change to the i98FM Illawarra Convoy, this change reflects the growth of Convoy and its ability to help support Illawarra families when they most need it.
  • ‘Convoy’ travels a distance of 70km from Illawarra Coal’s West Cliff Colliery at Appin, through the streets of the Illawarra to the final destination at the Croome Road Sporting Complex in Albion Park Rail. (Link to the ‘Convoy’ route)
  • A free Family Fun Day is held at the end, where trucks and bikes are parked for onlookers to check out and entertainment is provided. ‘Convoy’ has attracted such names as Shannon Noll, Diesel (Mark Lizotte), Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem.
  • ‘Convoy’ is open to all truck and bike enthusiasts, who register to take part for a $30 donation.
  • The opportunity to take the coveted spot as Lead Truck is fought out in a live to air auction the week leading up to ‘Convoy’. Any bid in this auction is considered a donation pledge.
  • The astounding 2018 total amount of two million dollars illustrates the amazing support this event continues to generate. From the thousands of onlookers that line the streets and attend the Family Fun Day, to the people that read and watch the extensive media coverage, to the truckies and bikies, to the ‘Convoy’ committee: it’s a massive occasion on the Illawarra’s Events Calendar.

Overall convoy info:

Year Participants Money Raised
Convoy 2005 209 Trucks & 100 Motorbikes


Convoy 2006 354 Trucks & 133 Motorbikes


Convoy 2007 558 Trucks & 183 Motorbikes


Convoy 2008 589 Trucks & 384 Motorbikes


Convoy 2009 718 Trucks & 503 Motorbikes


Convoy 2010 735 Trucks & 667 Motorbikes


Convoy 2011 704 Trucks & 728 Motorbikes


Convoy 2012 764 Trucks & 926 Motorbikes


Convoy 2013 780 Trucks & 872 Motorbikes


Convoy 2014 791 Trucks & 1,200 Motorbikes


Convoy 2015 764 Trucks & 960 Motorbikes


Convoy 2016 720 Trucks & 1,020 Motorbikes


Convoy 2017 714 Trucks & 931 Motorbikes


Convoy 2018 721 Trucks & 965 Motorbikes


Convoy 2019 753 Trucks & 913 Motorbikes


Convoy 2020


Total Funds Since 2005


What is The Peoples Truck?

  • The Peoples Truck had its first year in 2011.
  • The brainwave of McMahons Transport’s owner, Derek McMahon, the concept allows the general public to buy sign writing space on the side of a truck.
  • Derek ‘hands over’ a truck from his own fleet to the general public; the people of the Illawarra and beyond. It becomes their truck, travelling in ‘Convoy’ to represent them and their support of the Illawarra Community Foundation.
  • Below are The People’s Truck Achievements:
Year Personal Names Business Names Logos Amount Raised
2011 503 86 76 $43,276
2012 590 142 78 $86,000
2013 435 61 126 $102,641
2014 678 76 120 $192,000
2015 842 59 182 $210,000
2016 600 52 158 $215,000
2017 590 62 180 $172,547
2018 546 53 181 $181,000

Total $‭1,472,464‬
  • In 2017, The Peoples Truck finally cracked the million dollar mark, having raised a total of $1,021,464 since 2011, making this the most important milestone in it’s history.
  • In 2014, The Peoples Truck was the lead truck of the i98FM Illawarra Community Foundation Convoy with the highest bid ever made in Convoy history at the time, with a whopping $192,000! This demonstrates the growing interest and popularity of the concept
  • For the past several years, The People’s Truck has been a lead bidder in the auction for lead truck, therefore travelling with the starting trucks of Convoy. This is a sought after position given to those companies/organisations raising and donating the most money for Illawarra Community Foundation.
  • The Peoples Truck is parked in the reserved dress circle surrounding the entertainment stage at the Family Fun Day at Croome Road, meaning it becomes an attraction for the thousands of people who attend.
  • Many people who have donated find the truck, search for their names and have photos taken.
  • For businesses who have donated, it is a wonderful way of being generous and helping sick kids, while also having your brand prominently seen for a great cause.
  • Many people choose to throw coins in a bucket instead of making a registered donation to the Peoples Truck. The money from the ‘cash buckets’ is accumulated and goes towards having the names of the sick children on Illawarra Community Foundation’s roll sign written on the truck.
  • Over the past few years, sick children have travelled ‘Convoy’ in the Peoples Truck. This allows them to experience first-hand the interior of the truck, its engine noise, the all-important truck horn, the UHF radio and to look out at the show of support lining the streets for them.
  • McMahons Transport meets all promotional and administrative costs involved in the organisation of the Peoples Truck.