Launching the People’s Truck

August 25, 2016

It’s been a while since I put up a blog post, sorry. As we start to rev up towards i98 FM Illawarra Convoy for 2016 I thought I should let you know about some exciting things that are going on. Some of you may have noticed that Convoy has changed its name this year. We are really excited about this. The name change is a reflection of where Convoy is heading and how it is now able to help even more people in need, especially in our local community. From this year, the proceeds of Convoy are not only going to the great people at Camp Quality, they are also going to be distributed amongst local kids in the Illawarra to help families that really need it. This is a really exciting time for Convoy and The People’s Truck. To see where we started and to see how far we have come, to raise such an incredible amount of money each year that we can now extend the reach and impact that Convoy has. Thank you.

Being a part of the People’s truck is a really special thing, it is also very, very confronting. We have the great honour and privilege of meeting some truly wonderful kids who are struggling with a very horrible disease. The courage that they show is unbelievable, they are funny and they are kind. And sometimes it just really hurts. The last blog that I put up was to tell you of the passing of Travis Reardon. Trav was a beautiful kid, he was so amazingly brave, he loved the Rabitoh’s and it was a blessing to get to have him with me in the truck for a convoy. Earlier in the year we also lost Lachie to his battle with cancer. Lachie was courageous beyond words, he endured three very serious operations in an 18-month period. More than being brave Lachie was capable of lighting up a room and I miss him. I can’t possibly understand the loss that Lachie’s family felt this year, his passing was heartbreaking, both Lachie and Trav’s families have suffered a loss that we just don’t get. This is the confronting part of Convoy, we do as much as we can but we really want to do so much more. It would be amazing to one day have a cure for this bloody horrible disease.

Which is why It’s with mixed emotions that I start to get ready for Convoy, looking forward to seeing familiar faces again and getting together for a truly great cause, I hope as we launch our 6th People’s Truck that it is our biggest one yet, smashing the goal for Convoy. But I am also saddened that there will be faces not there, and this truly breaks my heart we are left with a very real loss without them. To be honest this is what pushes us on each year, we can’t understand what families have gone through, the pain that they have felt. All we can do is try and help them anyway we can. This is what Convoy and The People’s truck is about for me and my family, helping those that truly need it. It goes beyond that though. The People’s Truck is a reflection on the community that we live in. That strangers come together to help families that are in need. It is a very special thing to be a part of.

This is why we say Thank you to the people of the Illawarra your generosity is appreciated.

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